Useful Links

The following websites are additional resources for learning about Bowen theory from organizations in various parts of North America.

The Bowen Center Anne S. McKnight, Director
Washington, D.C.

Bowen Theory AcademyDr. Michael Kerr
Washington, D.C.

Center for Human Systems – Dr. Roberta Gilbert
Washington, D.C.

CSNS&F Border Programs – Louise Rauseo
El Paso,Texas / Juarez, Mexico
Please note: This website is now available in English and Spanish. 

Family Service Center – Dr. Robert J. Noone
Chicago, Illinois

Ideas to Action – Andrea Maloney-Schara
Washington, D.C .

Programs in Bowen Theory – Laura Havstad, Lona Hardy
Sonoma County, California

Princeton Family Center – Selden Illick
Princeton, New Jersey

Southern California Training in Bowen Theory – Carolyn Jacobs
San Diego, California

The Kansas City Center for Family and Organizational Systems – Margaret Otto
Kansas City, Missouri

The Center for the Study of Natural Systems and the Family – Victoria Harrison
Houston, Texas

The Prairie Center – Tamara Hawk
Manhattan, Kansas

Western Pennsylvania Family Center in Philadelphia – Annette Kolski-Andreaco
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Murray Bowen Archives Project

The archive is a valuable collection of resources for anyone interested in Bowen family systems theory. Here are some useful links:

Video segments of Dr Bowen and the graduate training program: Videos

Video interviews of individuals that knew and worked with Dr. Bowen: Oral History

Selected letters of Dr. Bowen to various individuals: Commitment to Principles

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