Counselling Services

We work with individuals, couples, and families to address a wide variety of concerns. Low cost counselling is available.

  • Depression, Anxiety, and Stress
  • Marital issues, separation, divorce, parenting, or relationship problems.
  • Addictions
  • Low self-esteem, assertiveness, anger, communication or career issues.
  • Grief, aging or health issues
  • Spiritual or religious concerns

Understanding how an individual functions in one’s family, work, and social systems is important. This offers new and effective ways to manage self and improve relationships. Stressors and anxiety can make any of the above issues worse. This is why Living Systems works to provide affordable counselling. Our goal is to not have fees impede getting the help one needs. 

Duration of Counselling

The length of time in counselling varies with the individual and the situation. The pacing of your counselling is up to you. Appropriate pacing of sessions makes counselling more affordable. Low cost counselling is not limited to a specific number of sessions or pacing (see side panel).

Quality of Counselling

Our counsellors and interns abide by a code of ethics as prescribed by their professional association and the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC).

Living Systems Counselling places a high value on the quality of counselling and professional competence. If you at any time would like to speak to someone about the quality of care whether you are extremely satisfied or have had some difficulty or complaint, please contact:

Katherine White
Clinical Director

Click Contact Us to book an appointment (onsite, online) or inquire about affordable counselling.