Continuing Studies in Bowen Family Systems Theory and Therapy

Clinical Internship Program Continuing Studies Details

Dates: Sept 2024-June 2025
Times: Once a month for 2 hours. In addition, we recommend attending the monthly 3-hour clinical meetings hosted by the Society.
Supervision: Students in the Continuing Studies program who are interested in seeing Living Systems clients are required to have their supervisor’s approval.
Location: Online using Zoom
Tuition: $1,250 (Interns are not paid to see clients). See program outline for details.

Program Outline: Click here.


The year will follow a theme that relates to the application of one or more aspects of Bowen Family Systems Theory (e.g., The Family as a Unit). Each 2-hour session will allow participants to discuss the assigned readings.

Participants will investigate an aspect of the theory of their choosing in order to understand this area in greater detail.  See the program outline above for more details.

Learning Objectives

  • To gain a better understanding of different applications of Bowen Family Systems Theory (Bowen Theory).
  • To learn about the connections of Bowen Theory with other areas of science.
  • To improve one’s ability to articulate Bowen Theory concepts and how they can be applied by participation in the assignment discussions and the submission of written paper.

“The theory postulates that far more human activity is governed by man’s (sic) emotional system than he has been willing to admit, and there is far more similarity than dissimilarity between the “dance of life” in lower forms and the “dance of life” in human forms.”

Murray Bowen, M.D. from Family Therapy in Clinical Practice.
You can learn more about Bowen Family Systems Theory here and here.


Pamela Richmond
Dave Galloway 

Meet the faculty here

Clinical Internship Program Continuing Studies Application Form

We will accept applications from June 1st to August 1st. We will complete interviews in early September.

Use either a fillable PDF or a Word document.

Admissions Requirements

Trainees need to do two things to enroll in the clinical internship continuing studies program. Complete a two-year clinical internship training program or an equivalent program at another network. In addition, they must receive approval from the trainee’s supervisor and Executive Director.

See Program Outline for other admission requirements.

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