Meet our Clinical Internship and Practicum Program Faculty

Lois Walker, B.N., M.Div., RCC

Lois Walker

Ms. Walker has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and a Master’s of Divinity. She spent many years in cancer and palliative care before becoming a registered clinical counsellor in 1990. Ms. Walker has completed four years of post-graduate training at The Bowen Center for the Study of the Family in Washington, D.C.

“As a coach and therapist, I help others to integrate the emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual components of their life.”

Katherine White

Ms. White is a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist and a Registered Clinical Counsellor in BC. She has been working clinically with individuals, couples, and families for over 20 years in the USA, Australia, and Canada. Katherine has been practicing using Bowen Family Systems Theory since 2010 and believes it provides an important foundation for thinking through events and relationships both with clients and in her own life.

“I believe that Systems Theory can provide a new lens for people to understand their current struggles. I work with my clients to help them reduce anxiety and gain clearer thinking about their current situation. I have seen this produce change in individuals’ lives and their relationships”.

Devana Weiss, MA, RCC

Devana Weiss

Ms. Weiss is a registered clinical counsellor, with a background in career transition and administration. Through her experiences with transitioning individuals and events in her personal life, she became interested in relationship dynamics and the emotional component of life transitions. She eventually returned to school to complete a Master’s degree in counselling. Since then she has taken advanced training in family systems theory and therapy, completing a three-year-post graduate training program.

“I am committed to helping people make lasting changes in their lives. I seek to create and foster a learning environment within a systems perspective wherein people gain awareness and understanding of challenges in their lives; I then coach people as they work to change their thinking and behaviour.”

Leila Howard

Ms. Howard is a registered clinical counsellor and has a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and advanced training in Bowen family systems therapy. She has a background in Human Resource Management and has worked in high paced business environments. As a counsellor, she works with individuals, couples and family members to create healthier relationships and improve overall functioning in life.

“I am committed to helping people understand the patterns of relating that contribute to the problems they are up against in life. I then coach people as they work to create healthier ways of relating to important people in their lives”.

Dave Galloway

Dave Galloway

Mr. Galloway has advanced training in family systems theory and therapy and has completed fifteen years of the Clinical Training Program in Family Systems Theory and Therapy. He has extensive experience in business and leadership and has completed UBC’s Family Enterprise Advisor Program. He has his Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) designation and Clear Leadership Certification.

“In my role as counsellor & coach, I work to help clients think more clearly and objectively about their role in any issue and how they can work to resolve these issues. I believe this gives them skills that can help for the rest of their lives.”

Sharon Salomons

Sharon Salomons applies family systems theory to her clinical work and work in the church. Ordained in the Anglican Church of Canada, she pursued training in Bowen Family Systems Theory and registered as a Clinical Counsellor in 2012.  She works part-time in the Anglican church and also maintains a counselling practice. She is currently focusing her clinical work on coaching of clergy.

“Within each of us, our best self longs to emerge and move towards increased differentiation. Both in my work with clients and churches, family systems theory provides a useful lens to think through challenges, which in itself lowers anxiety and allows for clearer thinking to emerge. This clarity can foster greater capacity for reaching personal goals.”

Lori-Anne Boutin-Crawford

Ms. Boutin-Crawford is an ordained Lutheran pastor and has worked in the ELCIC for over a decade with church communities throughout the lower mainland and in a variety of leadership roles within the BC Synod. Besides her Master of Divinity, she has bachelor’s degrees specializing in Education and Religious Studies with experience teaching in educational systems in Canada, England, Russia, Japan, and Hong Kong. Ms. Boutin-Crawford has completed five years in Family Systems Theory and Therapy with the Living Systems Counselling Post-Graduate Training Program, and two post-graduate years with Living Systems applying Bowen Theory and Theology and Family Systems Theory in Ministry. Ms. Boutin-Crawford appreciates the theory’s flexibility to make space for faith perspectives and belief systems in her work with clients and communities.

“Bowen Family Systems Theory has been a great gift to me in my own personal development within my family and work systems, as it has helped me to think about my own functioning in relationship with others and to identify more solidly who I am as an individual. I believe the learning and application of Bowen Family Systems Theory can provide individuals, families, and communities a framework to understand the complexity of their systems, to identify what is within their sphere of responsibility for growth, and to discern what efforts for change are realistically possible.”

Pamela Richmond

Pamela Richmond is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and a Registered Social Worker.  Since 2015 she has worked as a social worker in healthcare settings, from the emergency department to clinics supporting people with chronic and life-limiting disease. In addition to her social work education (Masters, UVic) Pamela completed three years of training in Bowen Family Systems Theory, and she brings a systems approach to her work in healthcare, her clinical counselling practice, and to her efforts to be her best self in her family and workplace relationships.

 “It is a fact that we never see ourselves directly; our view of ourselves is always mediated through the mirror, the camera, or our relationships.  I believe that a therapeutic process guided by systems theory can help to explore these inversions, projections, and subjective views in pursuit of a more objective view of self.  I propose to clients that this process is akin to a research project that lays the foundation for a more flexible, goal-directed life.”

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