Ready, Set, I D0

A Systems Approach to Improved Relationships

This 2-day workshop, based on Bowen Family Systems Theory, will offer couples who are currently engaged or considering marriage a unique perspective on relationships and an understanding on what they can work on individually to maintain a healthy marriage. Please note this couples workshop is not intended for marriage therapy.

Date: This program has been postponed until social distancing guidelines are revised. Please let us know if you would be interested in a webinar version.

Location: Library Square Conference Centre (Alma VanDusen Room) 350 West Georgia St, Vancouver, BC, V6B 6B1

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Maybo Lui has advanced training in Bowen Systems Theory and holds a Master’s degree in family studies. She is married to her long-term partner of 12 years, and is excited to share a refreshing perspective on marriage and relationships with couples.

Dave Galloway is a long time student of Bowen Theory and resident counsellor for Living Systems. Having celebrated 39 years of marriage he brings a very practical understanding of systems theory to the topic of marriage.

Learning Objectives

To learn about a family systems approach to marriage.

To explore how emotional process in ones family of origin can impact our relationships and our behaviour, especially in important relationships like a marriage.

To learn ideas that can be applied right away to foster open communication and reduce the impact of the inevitable tension that can arise in relationships.

These are the topics to be covered.

Systems thinking: Understand the importance of not looking at people in isolation from one another, but rather as a unit, in order to get a fuller picture of the situation.

Sibling position: Recognize how we may be affected by our birth order, and how we can function in a more mature way.

Family of origin: Understand the importance of our family of origin and the impact it can have on our marriage.

Relationship Patterns:Learn the 4 basic relationship patterns that can be found in any marriages or families, but just in varying degrees.

Triangles: Learn the pros and cons of “talking to a friend” about your relationship.

Differentiation of Self: Understand the importance of maintaining a self while being able to relate closely to the people we love.

Please note that the course is limited to eight couples to insure adequate time for discussion.

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