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The following websites are additional resources for learning about Bowen theory from organizations in various parts of North America.

The Bowen Center – Anne S. McKnight, Director 
Washington, D.C.

Bowen Theory Academy – Dr. Michael Kerr
Washington, D.C.

Center for Human Systems - Dr. Roberta Gilbert
Washington, D.C.

CSNS&F Border Programs - Louise Rauseo
El Paso,Texas / Juarez, Mexico
Please note: This website is now available in English and Spanish. 

Family Service Center – Dr. Robert J. Noone
Chicago, Illinois

Ideas to Action - Andrea Maloney-Schara
Washington, D.C .

Programs in Bowen Theory - Laura Havstad, Lona Hardy
Sonoma County, California

Princeton Family Center - Selden Illick
Princeton, New Jersey

Southern California Training in Bowen Theory - Carolyn Jacobs
San Diego, California

The Kansas City Center for Family and Organizational Systems - Margaret Otto
Kansas City, Missouri

The Center for the Study of Natural Systems and the Family - Victoria Harrison
Houston, Texas

The Prairie Center - Tamara Hawk
Manhattan, Kansas

Western Pennsylvania Family Center in Philadelphia - Annette Kolski-Andreaco
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Our Links Policy

At Living Systems, we seek to contribute to our vision of contributing to knowledge of human behavior from a natural systems perspective by providing links to web sites of other organizations that have compatible theoretical foundations and practice.